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Its Spooky Season!

Our Little Metros took a trip around the office this afternoon for some Halloween fun! (and candy!)

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

This group of adorable pups came and made a visit to our office! Great stress relief!

Who doesn't love the smell of wet dog!?!

What a cool setup - clean pups for everyone!

Time for hood ornament heaters?

Ice cold pic Doug from VA! Thanks

(Yes this is a real thing out in California)

How would you feel if you came home and A WILD DONKEY WAS EATING YOUR SHRUBBERY!
This is evidently normal for Amber. As you can see she is calm and cool taking a photo from her car! Thanks for the photo Amber!
She's a good friend of ours from Nebo!

Gettin Wild!

Again the proud mama showing off her baby boy!
Live well and prosper Xzavier. He's a harcore trekky evidently!

Candice = Proud Mama
(That is looking forward to no sleep when her son gets his first set of drums!)

Ladies and gentlemen.... Xzavier!
This young man has talent, would you belive he's only been playing for a couple months?!
Nice work sir, keep on rockin!

Being serious is overrated and boring!

Nothing like a full cup of coffee to energize some fun!
Thank you Justin, from Sewickley, PA, in advance for the plethora of current and
future smiles and/or laughs to come from this!

"They sure look great with gray!" -Doug from VA

Our longtime customer is giving the Morr glasses two thumbs up...
but he doesn't have a selfie stick!
Thanks for the fun Doug! Ride safe on that Harley of yours!

Full of hot air anyone?!?!

Summer time fun in Kentucky! Thanks for the sweet pics Don.
Sorry to hear you weren't able to go up!
Better luck next time, stupid weather... so inconsiderate!