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These are courtesy of, well... you!
Our customers!
A chance to show off and have some fun.
Thank you for sending them in! If you are a customer of
Metropolitan Supply and have pictures that you would like us to display...
We would be proud to show them off for you.
Just them to us and we will post them on this page.

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Nice Ride! Aaron at Pedder Nissan knows how to have some fun!

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Our customers know the true meaning of Horsing Around!!

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Life in the parts world calls for some good ol' fashioned stress relief!

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Jesse from SD showing of his blue beauty!!
Those MORR safety glasses really top off the look!

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I don't know what is sweeter...
The pic or the car?!!??!
This car's human is Howie from Knoxville, TN.
Pretty sweet ride Howie...
Thanks for sharing and making us all jealous!

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Now that looks like a delicious bass!
This is Scott from Brookfield, CT.... and he obviously knows how to fish!
Thanks a ton for the pic. Pretty fricken awesome sir! Nice work!

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Now Wade from VA knows how to play!
Word on the street is that he does the work too!
Nice rides Wade! Thanks for the pics, Drive safe.

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Continuing with this Prince theme... It's the little red corvette!
FYI People... this was not planned... and that makes it that much more awesome!
Greg in Idaho, thanks for the pic, this is his 2008 Vette, looks like summer to me!

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Two syllable word... wait for it... SA-WEET!
Thanks for sharing Robert from the Motor City itself!
FYI the whole conversation about what color this is...
Being from Prince land here.. we decided it's simply PURPLE RAIN
(best looking combo of purple and blue candy with a heavy dose of awesome!)
This thing is truly tricked out! It's a 2017 Harley Street Glide,
32 Inch wheels, JL Audio Sounds, custom paint,
and the cherry on top is a Trask turbo.
Not gonna lie truly jealous.
Ride on sir,

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Sean in Lawrence MA already has the C5 Vette out!
Nice work sir, sweet ride... Hopefully it will help melt the snow!

Gotta Love a Before and After!

Nice winter work Don.
Those Michigan winters really give you the time huh?
Also... are you gonna start up Chapter of SOA in MI?!
Sweet Ride. Thanks for the pics!
who's next
We'll brag for you!
Give us the pics...

Pretty mean green! Gorgeous looking Harley!
Thanks for sharing, Greg from Nampa ID.

This is Babe Ru... I mean Dave!
Dave from Morrow GA.
Not gonna lie Dave; B E A utiful form.
What you batting? 1.000?!!??!
Thanks for sharing!

TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND! Waiting for a demo??!

Dune buggy EXTREME!
Looks like way too much fun
in the California sun...
Thanks for the sweet pic Fernando

So get this... Jen from Ohio... Bought this gorgeous Harley right!
Props, hands down, that red is delectable!
ZERO miles and it's parked at the Harley shop for the winter!
Will power of a saint to keep her pristine! Hero? Yes!

Sweet Black
Black beauty in that California sun!
Thanks Bronson, Sweet ride!

Dogs, a Hog, and Jessica...
(I know we have a customer pets page but we couldn't break up this amazing trio of pics!)

Lovin the puppies and sweet ride Jessica, from Uniontown PA! Lightning and Diesel
are the young'ns on the left and the old favorite is Cooper on her head on the right!
Jesscia has a few select words for Cooper... As for the Harley. SA-WEET! Blacked out Beauty,
and looks like drivers in PA aren't all that nice... great bumper sticker!
Ride on and ride safe, Thanks for sharing.

Road Trip to Roaring River State Park in Cassville, MO

Thanks for sharing Jim from Excelsior Springs. He went on a road trip to go camping!
How Gorgeous is Southern MO. The pool on the right is over 200ft deep and feeds the river 2.4 million gallons per day... those trout must be sick of all that beautiful clear blue water!

Demo Derby Time!
God Speed Megan! Looks awesome
Demo Derby Time!
Lovin the blue steel rims!
Demo Derby Time!
Provoking the running of Bulls?!

Joe's brand new 2017 Civic!

Doesn't get any cleaner or sweeter! Sweet Ride...
You think it will get any rust down in Homosassa Florida?

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Who's got the next great picture?!
Turn of the century TransAm! Oh... Pontiac... We miss you; Thanks Joe
All hands on deck!
Pikeland's new bus!! Thanks, Aaron!
 Jake's custom KTM
Jake from Indiana with his sweet custom KTM 65 SXS!

 TRICKED OUT Radio Dragster! For Kevin's Nephew in OH
All hands on deck!
 David in Columbia S.C. SA-WEET!

Just what a Wrangler was made for!
And looks like he got the can crusher option on the rear bumper.
Nice work Dustin (Marion, IL); thanks for the pics. MUD ON!

 Sweet looking Tahoe! Garrett from Tenessee Honda CB

Garrett from Tennessee rocking this blacked out Tahoe towing this sweet Honda classic.
Every kids dream was having a clean CB Like this! Thanks Garrett; loving the color!

 TRICKED OUT Radio Dragster! For Kevin's Nephew in OH
Turn and burn baby!
All hands on deck!
Getting ready to RIDE... is that regular unleaded?! Thanks Courtney
 David in Columbia S.C. SA-WEET!
PURE Talent! Nice corner Courtney.

Just need a ton of strawberries, pie crust, and ice cream... STAT!
Gonna be honest, 1st picture of Rhubarb on the site!
Thanks for helping construct this amaziness Jay (Aledo, Illinois)

 TRICKED OUT Radio Dragster! For Kevin's Nephew in OH

TRICKED OUT Radio Dragster! For Kevin's Nephew in OH
All hands on deck!
Even a little hand can help with your unicorn squirrel feeder! Thanks for the fun Jon...
 David in Columbia S.C. SA-WEET!

David in Columbia S.C. SA-WEET!
Dannie's Cavalier Dragster
Dannie in AR's Cavalier Dragster. Thanks Dannie!
Under the Hood Scoop
Under the Hood Scoop!

Dannie's Vega dragster
Dannie's Vega dragster.

Paul in NM Harley
Paul in NM's bike. Thanks Paul!

New Windshield
Paul's Harley with a new windshield!
Brant from ID about to navigate some water.
Mark in MI's Demo Derby car
Mark in MI's Demo Derby car. Thanks Mark!
The AftermathThe aftermath! Mark's daughter, Megan, drove and finished 4th.
Brant in ID
Uh-oh! Looks like trouble! Thanks Brant.
Danny in VA
Danny from VA's beautiful Camaro. Thanks!
Pikeland Motors Skool Bus
Pikeland Motors Skool Bus, thanks Aaron!
Amanda's Harley
Amanda's Harley. Thanks!

Kevin in CA
Kevin from California again!

Towmater, thanks Kevin from Ohio!

John's Mustang
John from Savannah's Mustang. Thanks John!
Kevin in Ohio's bike
Kevin in OH's Harley. Thanks Kevin!
Jason in Wyoming's Camaro
Jason in Wyoming's 2014 Camaro SS. Thanks Jason!
Kevin in CA
Kevin from California, thanks!

Jake's Vette
Jake's 1st car, a Vette!
Doug in VA's new ride
Doug in VA's NEW ride!
Let's Ride!
Let's Ride! Thanks Doug!
Doug from VA
Doug with Sweet Thing 2. Thanks!
Tom in KS before
Tom in KS bike before...
Tom in KS after
...and after painting, thanks Tom!
Steve from Texas 2
Steve from Texas again!
Robert from Tennessee
Robert from Tennessee's bass boat
Sweet Thing 2
Sweet Thing 2. Thanks Doug!
Guy, from OH
Steve from Texas 1
Steve, from Texas
Steve from Texas 2
Steve, from Texas again!
Thomas Ho, Hopkins Honda
Thomas Ho, Hopkins Honda
Redneck Sulky
Redneck Sulky, Mike in MI
Mike, Houston, TX
Doug MC #2
Doug's motorcycle #2
Doug Vulcan
Doug's motorcycle #3
Charlie from Auburn Hills, MI


Doug Motorcycle
Doug from Raphine, VA's motorcycles
2010 Uptown/Kissenger Car Show
2010 Uptown/Kissenger Car Show
Jim, Sturgis
Jim, Sturgis