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What can we say...
If you're from here; you love it..
If you move here; you learn to love it...
If you never been here... you think we're all nuts!
That's what we love the most; You BETCHA!

River overflow brings Candices husband, Emanuel, two keeper wallies in a POND!

Can you guess who bleeds purple?!

Nothing says fan like taking a picture with stuff you're not gonna buy!
LOL We love you Ashley!

Twinkie Sunset

October here anytime soon? Not for a concert please.... Pretty Please!

Summer Fishin'

Proof Ashley is a true 'Merican! Nice work girl! CAMO, Stars and Stripes,
and a large mouth bass! A country song in the making!

HERE IN MN... Our girls like to FISH! Whether you're in Cokato (Ashley with the Walleye)
or in Waconia (Carrie with the Crappie)
We're wettin a line in winter!
Be bold in the North!
We're proud of our ladies!

Gorgeous MNDevil's Kettle from afar. So Beautiful MN! Gorgeous MNDevil's Kettle up a lot closer! Nice work Andrea. Great Pic! Princesses!Gooseberry Falls. The Gorgeous MN North Shore

Andrea and Addison Deer Andrea and Addison Deer
A doe, a deer, a female deer...
Here in Minnesota we are one with wild!
Andrea and her daughter Addison lovin' up on this
purely wild animal in the deep deep woods.

Princesses!Current and Future MN Princesses. What a cutie! (Candice's daughter, without the crown, Audriana Princesses!Princesses Galore! So much Beauty in Lester Prairie MN. These are the Lester Prairie Ambassadors. Ford Mower
Wanna mow fast, think later. Henderson MN is where it's at! By the way where is the mower deck?
MN BeautyLadies and gentleman... The Mississippi mouth in Minnesota! 'MERICA!Thanks for the cool vacation pics Jay. FYI NO CELL RECEPTION UP HERE! Corn
Mississippi, you're welcome, it all begins here!
Mom and Daughter That is the look of a brother outfished by his sister! Audriana and Xzavier 'MERICA! Dad will hold the big fish for the kids!
Now that's a delicious lookin bass! Nice fishing DAD! (Emanuel Dawson)
Mom and Daughter Jill and her daughter, Morgan sportin the bandanas 'MERICA! Gettin ready for Independence Day
Children of the corn?! Nope just Morgan...
MN At it's best
Babe and Bunyan!
FYI Barb LOVES it when customers send her cool stuff! HINT HINT!!!

You Betcha!
Wine anyone
So that's where barefoot wine comes from?! Stomp it Andrea; STOMP IT!
MN on the water
Andrea and the Fam out on 1 of the 10,000!
Best Friends
Diesel and Andrea out saving lives...
Family Run
Andrea, Lance and Addison doing their part for the Doggy Dash!
Eat your heart out Tiger! Perfect form Andrea! Off a beer can, on a tractor!
Dog Days
Dog Days 5K with Andrea and Diesel in gorgeous Chanhassen!
Fishing in MN
This how we do it in MN! SWEATPANTS!
Come on...KISS IT! Nice fish Jay!

Come on...KISS IT! Nice fish Jay!
Spring Ride!
Sunny spring in MN means Carrie is getting her ride on!
Reagan and Sassy Barrel Racing
Carrie's daughter, Reagan, on Sassy in a Barrel Race!
Parking Lot Visitors
Parking Lot Visitors
Sienna ready to roll
Sienna ready to roll
Ryder Cup
Ryder Cup at Hazeltine GC in Chaska.
Hanna and Angie
Hanna and Angie at the Ryder Cup!
Prince Mural
Prince mural in Chanhassen, MN

Elliott and Sienna
Elliott and Sienna at the largest candy store in Minnesota! Jordan, MN
Candice and family with Crappies
Candice and her husband with family fishing Crappies!
Typical Day in Minnesota
Typical day in Minnesota...

Biggest ball of twine in the world!
Xzavier and Audriana in front of the biggest ball of twine in the world in Darwin, Minnesota!
Amphibious car on Lake Minnetonka
Amphibious Car on Lake Minnetonka!

Josh Fishing in Minnesota
Josh fishing in the cold...brrrr

Josh Fishing in Minnesota
Same walleye!

Josh Fishing in Minnesota
Josh with a bass and the Minneapolis skyline in the background, cool!
Target Field 1
The MN Twins at Target Field

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria, one of 10,000 Lakes

Freighter coming in
Freighter coming in on Lake Superior
Ice Fishing, Brainerd
Ice Fishing... Brainerd MN

Choppy Day on Lake Superior
Pretty choppy day on Lake Superior!
Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth, MN

New Transport Trailer
The New Transport Trailer for the Funny Farm
Fat Toad
We do get big toads here despite the cold!
Liam and Sienna
Meet the 2 newest Metros, Liam and Sienna
At the Twins game
At the Twins game!

Sleigh and Cutter Parade, Waseca
Sleigh and Cutter Parade in Waseca
Office Chicken
Doesn't everyone bring a chicken to work?