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We know trust is hard to come by.
That's why, as a small family business, we make it easy.
You'll always get exactly what we promise and we wouldn't expect you to accept any less.
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Jay McClintock

Loves and I mean LOVES fishing on ice. Winter can't come soon enough. Good thing here in MN it's 9 months out of the year!
Call me:(952)252-4130

Andrea Donovan

You know what I really love? Long walks on the beach, with my dogs and Cabin Air Filters. I love that fresh clean air!
Call me:(952)252-4131

Jason Evangelista

Did you know you can make an entire tent out of pig mats, duct tape and zip ties? I didn't either, My family uses an R.V.!
Call me:(952)252-4135

Barbara Riley

You know what they didn't tell you about country girls? That we know all the CRC Chemicals you need in your shop.
Call me:(952)252-4151

Candice Dawson

I'm Minnesota nice an' all but if you try to hug me Imma freak out! I'm Just saying... let's talk washers and clips; Never hugs
Call me:(952)252-4145

Carrie Sterner

What's worse than NOT having horse hair on your shirt and little pasture apples on your boots? A filthy cabin air filter! Gross; don't let that happen...
Call me:(952)252-4144

Jill Heimer

All about them bulbs bout them bulbs no LED. Yep I'm fun and sassy. Just wait, you'll see I'm a double threat Minnesota lady! With stories to boot, You Betcha!
Call me:(952)252-4146

Jamie Kerwin

Nothing like an engine air filter to make your customers car purr like a kitten! Speaking of... ask me about my furr babies! You like the pic of my tabby?
Call me:(952)252-4165

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