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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


Metropolitan Supply is fully aware of the epidemic sweeping this nation's dealerships.
Whether this has happened to you or you lose sleep at night thinking it might. We are here for you!
M.A.B.B. (Metro Against Batteries in Bags)
Our sole mission is to send you EXACTLY what we say we will. And it starts now with your very own M.A.B.B. Recovery/Prevention Kit.
Free in your recovery kit is a Black and Decker Rechargable Screw Gun.
We know you are handy so in your free time you can build us a birdhouse! Christmas is right around the corner...
This is no joke and comes FREE with a small purchase of 100 of YOUR most popular SONY keyless batteries;
And FYI, this new version of the kit is FULLY Customizable. You want it... we can make it happen. SERIOUSLY! JUST ASK!
The batteries are Individually packed on a perforated card that can be sold individually
to all your customers without concern.
The path to recovery is a hard one; but we're with you every step of the way.
It's the M.A.B.B. promise.

Fri, Dec 1st, 2017 Get out the advent calendars and your PATRIOTISM!

Thursday, Nov 29th, 2017 As sweet as your Body(shop) is...
You still need a great blanket!

screw gun

This sweet rechargeable screw gun to the left here;
It's got the five finger discount minus the cops,
and the guilt!
Of course the only catch is we want you to be safe.
And that means picking up one of our welding blankets.
This pic below is the real thing right outta our warehouse.
They're NOT the cheap black ones...
They're the big TAN colored ones.
ONLY high quality USA made for our customers.

Thursday, Nov 29th, 2017 EYES = The most important body part...
EVER! Protect them!

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Tues, Oct. 31st, 2017 NEVER grow up!

Friday, Oct. 14th, 2017 This is so COOL how COOL y'all are! We see tons of familiar faces!

Check it out to see if you made the list! 100 top dealerships to work at in 2017. Congrats!

Wednesday, Oct. 11th, 2017 Hungry? Say YES! PLEASE say YES!


Look at those prime always fresh never frozen filters! How do you sing it again...
"Two all beef filters, special sauce..." You remember!
HOOOOOOLD ON! (Ask your rep to say this the Minnesotan way)
I hate to break it to you but that's not really the Great American Classic Burger we all know and love. Shocker!
This is to remind you when you want the REAL stuff... YOU WANT THE REAL STUFF!
Good news is that is the case here!
Free Black and Decker Screw Gun that you can build a REAL Birdhouse with!
When your purchase 18 REAL OE Bulk MicronAir 68127809AA Cabin Filters.
Get REAL with your rep and put that on a sesame seed bun!


Thursday, May 18th, 2017 Touche Germany! Touche...

We all know German is made better and is more "legitimate" if you will...
And "Legitimacy" is not a word that has lost it's meaning here at Metro.
We don't mess around with that!
Especially when it comes to taking care of German vehicles.
So don't forget our sole mission is to send you EXACTLY what we say we will.
Free with this is a sweet blacked out Snap-On Key Ring Knife...
AND a half pound of award winning jerky where the number one ingredient is, yes, Gluten Free Hypoallergenic DDC (Delicious Dead Cow).
Call your rep and grab a double dozen of the 1K1 replacement filters to take part in some Metro legitamacy.
Regret is not an option! Unless you're driving that yellow thing up top... I'm just sayin...

image image image

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