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CRC GDI INV Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner - 11oz Aerosol

Now available!! NEW CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner is the first product proven to clean damaging intake valve deposits without top engine disassembly – on ALL GASOLINE-POWERED ENGINES. Delivers groundbreaking cleaning technology directly to the valves at 150X more concentration than any premium fuel system additive on the market. Easy to use, simply spray past the MAF sensor through the air intake. For more info, visit our microsite at

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Unlike fuel additives that get diluted into fuel before reaching the components of the fuel system, GDIIVDTM Intake Valve Cleaner is sprayed directly into the air intake system and hits the back of the intake valves with COzol® chemistry at 150X the concentration of any premium fuel additive. No more engine tear-down required for clean intake valves, especially on GDI engines.
When used every 10,000 miles, CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner will help to:
Increases Power and Torque
Stabilizes Rough Idle
Solves Rough Starting Problems
Reduces Emissions
Improves Fuel Economy
Safe on Turbos and Intercoolers
Unique Dual-Action Spray System
Use Every 10,000 Miles

Deposits form in every fuel system, but the amount and how quickly they form depends on the quality of fuel and oil you use, your driving style and engine type. GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine intake valves are prone to rapid deposit buildup because they never get cooled or washed with fuel. Deposits form in as few as 5,000 to 10,000 miles, restricting proper airflow and increasing operating temps.
Symptoms of dirty intake valves include:
Hard starting
Rough idle
Poor acceleration
Reduced fuel economy
Power loss
Excess emissions