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CRC Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease .5oz Tube

CRC® Di-Electric Grease seals, protects & insulates indoor/outdoor electrical
connections and bulbs with a quick, no mess application. This innovative Precision Tip Applicator allows for a thin stream of grease to be applied directly on the work area.

CRC® Di-Electric Grease prevents rust & corrosion by repelling moisture, rust, road salt, dirt and oils that can penetrate and harm electrical connections. Left unprotected, these connections may produce arcing, shorts and electrical fires.

Applications include: light bulb sockets, lamps, electrical connections, headlights/taillights, battery terminals, spark plug boots, trailer connectors, wire connectors, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, and much more!

Use CRC Di-Electric Grease at home, in your car, truck or boat and on equipment to ensure maximum performance!