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Every car that has EFI (electronic fuel injection) will have a mass air flow sensor of some sort and would benefit from this procedure.
Use this with 5078 Throttle Body Cleaner...every car that has a MAF/MAP sensor will also have a throttle body.

One can will do 10-15 vehicles. Recommended svc.
PROVEN to Gain 4-10 Horsepower at the Wheels!! This is to be used every time that the air filter is changed.
Improves Horsepower
Improves Air/Fuel Ratio
Inreases MPG
Safely Cleans & Protects Mass Air Flow Sensors
Plastic Safe & Leaves NO Residue
Simple To Use...

Prevents the time and expense of having to replace the MAF sensor, saves the customer money! Makes you look like a champ!

The original MAF sensor cleaner. Safely cleans and protects MAF sensors. Dyno proven to increase horsepower and improve air/fuel ratio. Reduces rough idle, hesitation and pinging. Improves fuel mileage. Plastic safe, leaves no residue.

Mass air flow sensors & housing.