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Detailed Application information for part number:
(#12) MORR Starrley Sport Safety glasses with (2.0 readers)


:::Distinguishing Features:::

TRUE SPORT GLASSES - All the resilient and protective features MORR is known for.
WRAP AROUND LENSES - Excellent peripheral vision with no distortion.
READERS / BIFOCAL - Clear Lens magnification is +1.5. Gray Lens magnification is +2.0.
MAGNIFIER - low on the lens, doesn't interfere with forward vision.
:::Do More With Rugged Sport Sunglasses That Help You See The Small Stuff:::

MORR reading glasses protect your eyes and serve immediate needs for close up vision without interrupting what you're doing
It's all about focus. For what we love to do, there are too damn many small things we need to be able to see. Cell phones, bike computers, gauges, equipment adjustments, labels, maps, tickets, etc. etc.
Magnification. You can chose between 2 levels of magnification - either +2.0 or +1.5. The Clear Lens options have magnification of +1.5, while the Gray Lens options have magnification of +2.0.
:::Protection Matters:::

MORR lenses are engineered to provide the best possible protection for athletes who wear sport sunglasses
Lenses. High-grade polycarbonate lenses offer outstanding clarity and no distortion across the full radius of the wrap around lens. Remarkable impact and shatter resistance
Impact Ratings. ANSI Z87.1-2010 and FDA 21 CFR 801.410
UV400. Maximum UVA and UVB radiation protection, tested and certified for all lenses including clear
:::Reuse - Repurpose - Recycle:::

Packaging. Boxes are made from material that is Forest Stewardship Council certified. FSC's mission is to protect the world's forest for future generations
Case. Every pair comes with a microfiber case that doubles as a reusable polishing cloth
:::Smarrt Choice:::

What makes MORR eyewear "smarrt?" Protection, Performance, and Price . MORR delivers incredible technology AND they made it affordable. When you finally get tired of losing or breaking expensive sunglasses, these should be your next pair. They're designed to get into harm's way without hurting your wallet.
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